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Cabella's #6

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Cabella's #5

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Somewhere in Greece

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Cabella's #4

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Cabella's #3

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On a Hot Day in Greece

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I've started a new blog because it's an assignment for my computers class. The description is below. http://segwaythrucollege.blogspot.com/

The name of this blog is "Segway'n Through College." I've given it this name because I own a segway which I have named Brooklyn. I bought the segway as a means of transportation for college as well as a means of stress relief. Right now I am taking a computers class which requires me to start a new blog as an assignment, so here is my new blog!!! I already have three other blogs at http://atthestudy.blogspot.com/ http://declarationphotos.blogspot.com/ and http://confabremarks.blogspot.com/. I will often post the same stuff on this blog that I will post on my other blogs. Still, this blogs has a specific purpose and that is college life, so I will be focusing on my segway adventures and my college experiences. I will often post devotionals and things I write for classes. Since my computers class also deals with ethics I will post my views and opinions on current events and popular trends and well as on my own interests.I'd like to start with a devotional I wrote as I entered college. I also thought it appropriate because it starts out talking about computers.

European Sunday: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Daily Bible Verse