Tuesday, August 14, 2007

View from Angel Island

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Anna Lozyk Romeo said...

I love these. If you haven't visited my blog, here I wrote you back:

NYCindividual - I myself just recently started to take photos. I have SLR, not sure what you have, but I am sure that you can figure out. It takes some time; your manual may have something for night shots. Anyway, the Big Dipper I took, I had wide angle lens and I set my camera to landscape mode. The most important is that you put your camera on the tripod, and if you don't have one, what I do I just place my camera on the ground facing the sky and click the trigger. The blur is if you move. And if your shutter is closed for 5 or more seconds then under movement you will see line. I hope I explained simple. If you asked me anything about night stuff may be 2 months ago, I couldn't answer. Patience my friend and you will succeed. BUT YOUR PHOTOS ARE VERY NICE AND THE COMPOSITIONS ARE JUST STUNNING.

Anna :)

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