Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

The big 52! Playing with a full deck of cards! (But what happens when you reach 53 and have too many cards?) Feel free to let the kid out in you now! But please, dress appropriately!


Kerri said...

Happy Birthday to your Daddy!
(did you dress him up like that....or did he do that on his own??) :)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I think the 53rd card is wild!

NYCindividual said...

I called to tell him my best friend was coming over one day and told him to dress appropriately. THis is how he greeted me.

dot said...

Haha. Dad is a good sport!

Anonymous said...

I predict that the 53rd card will be a Joker. Of course, in my case, they're ALL Jokers.... Except, of course, NYCi (the Queen of Hearts) and her mom (the Queen of Diamonds).

You should dig out the pictures of what I did when you got straight A's in high school.

-- The Daddy

Neva said...

Actually, counting the jokers..he gets 2 more years doesn't he? Then,have at it! He is a good sport!

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